Cool $#!7 Rewards

Look, we get it. The world can be an ugly, frustrating mess. It’s easy to get too caught up in the rent increases, potholes, collections agents, and the “that dude who has cut me off three goddamn times” on the route 2’s of the world.

Then you go on social media and all you see is the failures of the modern age or fake ass perfectionism that you know cannot be real.

Well, here at Strong Style we want to celebrate our successes, dammit!

So, here’s our program:

You do a cool thing, You show it to us, You get a free coffee.

If you get an A on a paper or a test, show it to us: You get a free coffee.

You publish a poem or a short story: You get a free coffee.

Get a promotion? You get a free coffee.

Pick up trash on the side of the road because you rule: You get a free coffee.

You make a rad piece of art: You get a free coffee.

Invent a new variant of particle accelerator? We’ll take your word for it, Einstein. Free Coffee.

Let us celebrate the cool $#!7 that we do.

Strong Style Coffee